Review: Love Yourself

We love to try new tastes and experiences, so when the opportunity arose to try out the Love Yourself food delivery service we jumped at the chance. Our reviewer, Charlotte took a look at what their vegetarian menu had to offer and whether the feel good factor and convenience won the day.

With many of us taking lockdown time to catch up on our culinary skills or take advantage of local delivery services, trying this healthy eating day menu seemed like a great idea to sink our teeth into.

On the menu was a full day of easy, good for yourself food that needed little or no cooking or long preparation time. I think post lockdown this would be a great option for busy people who do not have large amounts of time to source quality food.

Initial reaction: Keeping up with its good for yourself ethos, the days food arrived in good quality and recyclable packaging. A days food did not take up a huge amount of space in the fridge and it felt very convenient throughout the day for meal planning. Unlike some meal services, this one came in a paper bag, so there was no large box to recycle.

Seed planting.
Along with my days food they included a grow it yourself seed tray. It was timed perfectly as I needed a window sill plant and once it’s established it will take a spot at the end of the garden in a sunny patch. Easy to follow instructions meant even the most novice of gardeners can grow these.


Buckwheat and oat cakes with fig jam and yoghurt.

I started the day with a buckwheat oat cake which came with a fig jam and yogurt. This was quite dense oatcake but was a great alternative to standard porridge. It felt more substantial than a standard flap jack and it was quite quick and easy to prepare. My favourite part was the yoghurt and really refreshing fig jam which was had a very sweet taste. I preferred to dip the oatcake into the yoghurt to get the most of all the flavour combinations.


Broad beans cherry tomatoes with quinoa
I am not normally a huge lunch fan but this light refreshing, generous portion of salad was a perfect lunch and feels very guilt free when eating.

Italian style soup


Italian style soup
We opted to have the Italian style soup as a starter and it’s instant great smell made it a hearty welcoming option. I particularly liked the variety of veg that contributed to my five a day. It was quite a rich soup but with lots of fresh, tangy ingredients which was satisfyingly filling.

Tofu kebabs + satay sauce
Great flavours and I particularly enjoyed the tofu flavour although the texture was a little spongy in the middle and sauce was more of a crumble. Visually it wasn’t the most compelling meal but it was easy to prepare and tasted great.

Dark chocolate and black bean cake with mixed berry cream
What girl doesn’t like a great desert and I was most excited by this dish which I knew would satisfy my chocolate needs. The berry cream added a really light twist and complimented the cake. Knowing it was a guilty free option was a win in my book.

Overall the days food was a great way to have a break from the norm. I particularly liked the full feeling throughout the day and I did notice I wasn’t reaching for snacks between meals. Would I order again? Yep and especially as a healthy treat during busy work times.

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